“This book changed my life. After 20 years with this financial advisor, I knew I had to make a change. Stuller’s book showed me the way”

Judy G. retired individual investor

“Nicholas Stullers’ book on why everyone can and should have a financial advisor, and how to find one regardless of wealth was so educational, I have made it required reading for my Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) course. Nick is also an engaging speaker on the topic of advisors and can present the confusing world of wealth management in an approachable and fun manner so that both expert and novice learn valuable lessons.”

Mark D. Schild, CFP®, Assistant Dean, Stillman School of Business. Instructor, Department of Finance, Seton Hall University

“Not only is this a great resource for empowering consumers, advisors should buy it in bulk and send it to former clients and centers of influence like attorneys and accountants. The benefit of a trustworthy financial advisor is invaluable, and Nick offers that evidence in detail.”

James F. (Jim) Ludwick, CFP®    MainStreet Financial Planning, Inc.  

“I was impressed with Nick’s passion for the advisor industry when I first met him nearly 30 years ago.  His enthusiasm, experience, and deep knowledge of the financial advice profession are shared throughout his latest book.  If you care about your financial future, don’t pass up an opportunity to learn from Nick.”

Tom Bradley, Former President TD Ameritrade

“Nick Stuller has great understanding of the industry and is well-poised to help the public understand how to navigate the oft-confusing world of financial advice.”

Sean R. Walters, CAE® Chief Executive Officer INVESTMENTS & WEALTH INSTITUTE® (formerly IMCA)

“Nick truly believes that consumers’ lives can be significantly improved with the right advice. He advocates the importance of professional financial advice. This book equips investors with invaluable information and empowers them to find their perfect financial advisor.”

Marguerita Cheng, CFP®, RICP® Chief Executive Officer, Blue Ocean Global Wealth

“Nick Stuller shines an important spotlight on the critical benefits that quality financial advice can bring to people of all ages, incomes, and walks of life. I applaud him for providing an overview of the commitment that the financial planning profession has made to bring pro bono advice and guidance to underserved people.”

Jon Dauphiné, Esq. Chief Executive Officer, Foundation for Financial Planning

“Your book is the most comprehensive and comprehensible explanation of the value of advice that I have ever read.  It provides a clear roadmap for any client who wants help finding the right financial professional to guide them toward a secure financial future.  An investor who reads this book will gain an insider’s insight into the financial services industry that will provide understanding and context for decision making that few outside our industry ever achieve.”

Scott MacKillop, Chief Executive Officer, First Ascent Asset Management

“Nick has as much knowledge and experience as anyone in the financial advisory industry.  In “The Truth Shall Set Your Wallet Free,” he has provided the public an insider’s view of how the advice industry works, how it can work for them, and what to avoid.  Anyone with a financial or life goal to attain will benefit from his insights.”

David M. Smith CIMA®, CFP® – Robinson Smith Wealth Advisros, LLC.

“If you’re going to invest – even in cash – then you have to be willing to invest in time. You either have to spend all of your time studying the financial services industry, or part of your time reading this book.”

Don Trone, Co-founder & CEO 3ethos

“Nicholas has researched and shared a vast amount of important information in this book that the majority of our society has no awareness of. The more people who learn and practice these critical financial concepts, the less personal financial tragedies will be experienced – along with the massive societal consequences that accompany them.”

Nancy Phillips, Creator of the Wela Way

“Due diligence, adherence to investment process, and dispersion of performance results should be top-of-mind in a world where access to increasingly sophisticated products is widely available to investors of every size. Navigating this alone can be fraught with peril and Nick has done an outstanding job of explaining how to get proper advice that works for you.”

William J. Kelly | Chief Executive Officer | CAIA Association

“Nick Stuller has written a valuable field guide to the world of financial advice that will help individual investors identify the right type of advisor for their specific needs.  By presenting a brief history of the industry, starting with how the former big-name brokerage houses interacted with clients, and ending with the fiduciary relationship fee-only advisory firms enter with clients today, readers should have a much better understanding of what to consider when selecting an advisor.  Along the way, they will pick up valuable tips on how to avoid crooks, where to find free financial education and the specific questions to ask when interviewing prospective advisors.”

Anthea Perkinson, CFP Monterey Associates LLC

“Nick Stuller’s THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOUR WALLET FREE is a book that all people who invest for all the important reasons in life, should read.”

Don Israel, Benefit Concepts Systems, Inc