MyPerfectFinancialAdvisor and why I started it

Yesterday, June 12th 2019 was a very exciting day for me and the team at as we launched our new product. Yesterdays release was to allow financial advisors who pass our diligence to join the platform. If you are an advisor, or know one, please share the site as it will be a terrific way for them to get new clients. The system will be available to investors once our registration with the securities regulators gets approved, likely in July.

The system intends to be the premier matching site between investors and advisors, regardless of how much money one has or how little one has. It uses personalized data, artificial intelligence and deep industry expertise to make the best possible match.

However, the real reason and frankly the more important reason that I started the firm is that investors desperately need help with all things financial. Many investors buy their stocks at the high and then sell low when they get nervous, locking in losses. Families go years uninsured, never budget and spend on the wrong things, and the list goes on and on. When an investor or consumer hires an advisor (and listens to them…fodder for a future article…), their financial life is far better off, to the tune of on average 3% annually, per the many industry reports I’ve quoted.

The basic need for our new system is that until now, there has not been a reliable, educational and ubiquitous system that objectively helped the investor find an advisor. For most people who have an advisor, their method is relying on friends and family for a referral. But when you ask these investors about who their advisor is, they cannot explain exactly what their advisor does. There is a great deal of insecurity when getting referrals.

According to recent surveys, only 25% of Americans have an advisor, and that 25% is unsure about their advisor. The balance of the 75% have no one to rely upon for advice. Both issues are real problems, and our new service aims to help solve these problems in a meaningful way. I welcome any and all feedback as we begin this journey!